Extensively tested server components

We’ve attentively selected all the elements of our server configurations so as to create a robust foundation for your ever–growing online and offline hosting needs.

With many hosting suppliers, you’ll find Dedicated Servers featuring the latest hardware components on the market today. Despite the fact that this is a great selling point, our past experience has proven that brand new hardware is far more likely to fail while offering limited software support.

We’d like your dedicated servers to be as dependable as possible and your websites and applications to be visible on the web for as long as possible. Because of this, rather than the newest hardware, we choose the best hardware.

Full root and SSH access

A dedicated server is meant to cater to your business demands 24/7/365. With full root access to the physical machine, you can make full use of the dedicated server’s capacities. You can set up new software apps, change the Apache server’s configuration specs and even set up a new Operating System.

In the event that you need help managing your dedicated server, you can contact JoshWho Hosting’s client service team at any time. Moreover, you can get specialized support from our server admins by ordering our Managed Servers package.

Control Panel, cPanel, DirectAdmin

With JoshWho Hosting, it’s now very easy to administer your websites on a dedicated server. At signup, we give you a variety of Control Panel tools that will help you take absolute control of your web sites. You can choose between the well–known cPanel Control Panel (available at $30.00/month), the DirectAdmin Control Panel and JoshWho Hosting’s custom Control Panel, which comes at no charge with your dedicated server.

JoshWho Hosting’s Control Panel is based on the invaluable comments supplied by our customers and offers a user–friendly user interface with a drag & drop File Manager, unmetered domain name hosting options and a bunch of website accelerators for speeding up your websites. cPanel offers a recognizable user interface for administering web sites and comes with the WHM software. DirectAdmin, the third web hosting Control Panel option, features different charge–free modules for transforming your server into a game server or a mail server.

Each web hosting Control Panel needs a specific Linux distro. For instance, cPanel and DirectAdmin run on CentOS, whereas our Control Panel needs Debian. On the order page, you can select your Control Panel as well as the Linux version it goes with.

Managed Servers

If, at some point, dealing with your dedicated server begins to seem a little too much for you, we have a solution – the Managed Servers package.

With JoshWho Hosting’s Managed Servers package, you can have our sysadmins keep constant track of your machine. In addition, your dedicated server will be integrated into our state–of–the–art server surveillance system, which will help us locate any problem the second it crops up.

Aside from monitoring operations, the Managed Servers package includes also Operating System updates and automated server backups.

24x7 support service

You need assistance with your server? We are available to you 24x7 and we answer within just sixty minutes.

JoshWho Hosting’s support staff is comprised of techs with several years of work experience in the field. They have witnessed it all and, most importantly, have solved it all. And they’ll be glad to answer all your queries with regards to your dedicated server.

And if an issue cannot be sorted out by our technical support staff, we’ve got a professional team of server admins who are available for assistance.